30 Amp 4pin Relay

30 amp 4pins relay 30 amp 4pins relay MAH-124-A-1 is a 24v 30A one normally open plug auto relay without bracket, suitable for fog light, head light, battery control, harness. 30 amp 4pins relay parameters 30 amp 4pins relay Coil date 30 amp 4pins relay Dimensions and wiring diagram 30 amp 4pins...
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30 amp 4pins relay


30 amp 4pins relay MAH-124-B-4 is a 24v 30A one normally open plug auto relay with plastic bracket, suitable for fog light, head light, battery control, harness,this relay can match with socket to use.

Contact Arrangement
1C .changge-over type
Contact materialAgNi,AgSno2
Contact rating 40A 28VDC
Coil voltage24VDC
Electrical Life100000cycles
Mechanical Life1000000cycles

30 amp 4pins relay Coil date

Voltage (VDC) Operate Voltage (VDC)Release Voltage(VDC)Coil Resistance(Ω±·10%)Coil Power(Ω±·10%)Parallel Resistance(Ω±·10%)Equivalent Resistance(Ω±·10%)Max Alloable Voltage(VDC)

30 amp 4pins relay Dimensions and wiring diagram





30 amp 4pins relay appliance 

 It is used in car head light control ,fog  light, head light, battery control, oil pumb control, fan control, air  conditioner, harness.

 30 amp 4pins relay packing
 Carton size: 45X40X22cm
 -50pcs/inner box
 We use high thickness cartons, the inside  of the carton is protected by corrugated paper, high strength cartons, no  problems for long-distance export transport.  


  1. High quality relays  manufacturer, founded in 2007, we have own buildings and factory.And we have 500 peoples now ,



2.We have fully functional  laboratory, our laboratory is UL witnessed laboratory & CANS laboratory, we  can done resistive load, lamp load, and motor load in our laboratory. we have  excelled equipments in our laboratory, such as: High speed camera, X - ray  analyzer.


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3.Our company have approved by:  ISO/TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001. And we have ceteficate of UL,TUV,CQC and CE ,our all goods can meet ROHS and REACH  requirements.

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4.In order to have close contact  with the customers, we have customer visiting and attend 4-6 international  trade shows every year. During and after the show, we usually visit our  customer to get more feedback and suggestion from our customers. That more help  us to provide better quality and better services.

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1.Q: how many years have meishuo been in relay area?

A: 13 years


2.Q: what’s meishuo relay use for?

A: used in home appliance, automotive.


3.Q:How many automatic assembly lines do you have? How many manual lines?

A:19 automatic assembly lines, 10 manual lines

4.Q:Once we give purchase  order to you ,when time do you need to priduce our goods?

A:In the normally ,we just need 25 working days  to produce goods,but in the sepcial time ,we need more time.

5.Q:How many new model of relays will your R&D team can develop every year?

A: About 3-5 moldes of relays .

6.Q;What's famous do you have ?

A:Hair and Media is our clients of general relay ,it is so famous in the Chian ,and Hella is our client of  automotive relay ,we sell well our goods to international  market.

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