12 Volt DC Relay

MPP-312D-C is 12 volt dc relay with standard tube pin and 10A switching capability, outline dimensions is 33.6x33.6x51.5mm
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12 volt dc relay parameters

MPP-312D-C 01.jpg

Contact Arrangement

3C, 2 Poles DPDT-change    over type

Contact material

Silver Alloy

Contact Resistance (Initial)

100 mΩ (1A 6VDC)

Rated Load (Res)

10A 250VAC/30VDC

Max. Switching Current


Max. Switching Voltage


Max. Switching Power


Coil voltage

12 VDC

Electrical lift

100,000 cycles

Mechanical Life

1,000,000 cycles

12 volt dc relay Coil date (23℃)

Voltage  (VDC)

Operate    Voltage  (VDC)

Release    Voltage  (VDC)

Max. Allowable Voltage (VDC)

Coil    Resistance

Coil    power   (W)






Approx.    1.5

12 volt dc relay Dimensions and wiring diagram


12 volt dc relay appliance


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