Low Voltage Relay 12V

MPM-212D-C is low voltage relay 12v with 7A switching capability, have 1.5KV dielectric strength(between coil and contacts), the outline dimensions is 28.0x21.5x35.0mm
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Low voltage relay 12v parameters

MPM-212D-C-D (1).jpg

1.JPGLow voltage relay 12v Coil date


           image002.pngimage003.pngimage004.pngimage005.png  Low voltage relay 12v Dimensions and wiring diagram

 Low voltage relay 12v appliance 

 Low voltage relay 12v packing
 50pcs/tray, 500pcs/cartons, carton size:45*40*22cm
 High-strength cartons, good for  long-distance export transport


 1-Meishuo is a manufacturer in Wenzhou,  built in 2007 and have own building.

1 google产房1.jpg 

 2-Meishuo pay a lot attention to the  clearness of workshops, Our workshops are dust-free and constant temperature  & humidity workshops. Every person entering the workshop should wear  anti-static clothing

4 google车间.jpg 


3-Meishuo have batch code for each relay  for good traceability, when product is abnormal, we can find the problem in the  shortest time.

10 google日期码.jpg 


4-Meishuo equipped with standardized and  strict quality control system, relays have to passed 4 times 100% testing +  twice snap check and Meishuo has without complaint from customer for 3 years.。

9 google品质部.jpg 


Q: who is meishuo?

A: relay and water valve factory.



Q: where can I find meishuo relay?

A: from google and alibaba.



Q: how many kinds of contact of meishuo relay?

A: silver alloy and SnO2



Q: what’s the hot selling in meishuo?

A: automotive relay, called MAH.

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