24 Volt Relay Switch

MPM-324D-C is 24 volt relay switch with 7A switching capability, have 1.5KV dielectric strength(between coil and contacts), the outline dimensions is 28.0x21.5x35.0mm
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24 volt relay switch parameters

MPM-324D-C-D (1).jpg


24 volt relay switch Coil date (23℃)


24 volt relay switch Dimensions and wiring diagram


24 volt relay switch appliance

1-Meishuo is a manufacturer in Wenzhou,  built in 2007 and have own building.

1 google产房1.jpg 

2-Meishuo  pay a lot attention to the clearness of workshops, Our workshops are dust-free  and constant temperature & humidity workshops. Every person entering the  workshop should wear anti-static clothing 

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 3-Meishuo produce relay by automatic  production line and hand work lines, Now, we have 15 automatic production lines  and 5 hand work lines with daily capacity of more than 600000pcs. Some  production lines are designed by ourselves according to the actual demand.

6 google生产+发货.jpg 

 4-Meishuo equipped with standardized and  strict quality control system, relays have to passed 4 times 100% testing +  twice snap check and Meishuo has without complaint from customer for 3 years.。

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Q: Are you factory?

A: Yes,We focus on PCB and Auto Relay more than 11 Years.


Q:How about your Product Quality?

A: I cannot answer to you from our side. But our customers said to us our products quality is good and most of all products approval of UL and TUV. After you use it, you will know more understanding for our quality.

Q:How long is your products Warranty Period?

A: Generally, 12 months (After shipment date).

Q:Where can I get more products details?

A: Please check our website:www.msrelay.com

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