24Vac Relay Spst

MPN-224D-C is 24VAC relay SPST with 1,2&4 poles configurations, have 15A switching capability and sockets available, the outline dimensions is 28.0x21.5x35.0mm
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24VAC relay SPST parameters


24VAC relay SPST Coil date (23℃)


24VAC relay SPST Dimensions and wiring diagram


24VAC relay SPST appliance



1-Meishuo is a manufacturer in Wenzhou,  built in 2007 and have own building.

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 2-Meishuo equipped with standardized and  strict quality control system, relays have to passed 4 times 100% testing +  twice snap check and Meishuo has without complaint from customer for 3 years.。

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 3-Meishuo like to provide free samples  for every customer with inpection report for each sample, customer can check  products’ quality well before place official order.

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 4-Meishuo is an  informationalized company with OA system, ERP system, PLM system…… , that can  help us to management, control quality…..


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