5 Pin Relay Switch

MPH-S-112-C is 5 pin relay switch with 17A switching capability, have 1 form A and 1 form C configurations, is subminiature, suitable for PCB layout, the outline dimensions is 21.0x16.0x21.6mm
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Product Details

5 pin relay switch parameters

Contact Arrangement

1C, SPDT-change over    type

Contact material

Silver Alloy

Contact Resistance (Initial)

≤100 mΩ

Rated Load (Res)

Common Type: 10A 250VAC

High Load Type: 17A    250VAC

Max. Switching Current


Max. Switching Voltage


Max. Switching Power

Common Type: 2770VC

High Load Type: 4700VA

Coil voltage

12 VDC

Electrical lift

100,000 cycles

Mechanical Life

1,000,000 cycles


5 pin relay switch Dimensions and wiring diagram

5 pin relay switch appliance 



 1-Meishuo is a manufacturer in Wenzhou,  built in 2007 and have own building.

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 2-Meishuo is an  informationalized company with OA system, ERP system, PLM system…… , that can  help us to management, control quality…..

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3-Meishuo produce relay by automatic  production line and hand work lines, Now, we have 15 automatic production lines  and 5 hand work lines with daily capacity of more than 600000pcs. Some  production lines are designed by ourselves according to the actual demand.

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 4-Meishuo have more than 600 staff with a  standard training before starting work, around 50% are 3+ years staff.

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