Application environment of relay

- Dec 17, 2019-

Application environment of relay

1. Ambient temperature

Generally, when the ambient temperature does not exceed the range specified in the manual, the relay can work normally. When the ambient temperature in actual use is slightly higher than the maximum value specified in the manual, it is necessary to contact the technical personnel of ASUS to determine whether the relay can be used normally according to the load.

2. Atmosphere

In the environment of high humidity, even condensation, and much dust, it is recommended to use plastic sealed relay, because high humidity is easy to accelerate the corrosion of relay structure parts, and dust is easy to make relay contact failure.

In the environment containing organic silicon, it is recommended to use sealed products, because organic silicon will cause failure of relay accelerating contact. In the environment containing H2S, SO2, NO2 and other harmful gases, the anti flux type and dust cover type can not be used, but the plastic seal type can be used, and they can be tested and confirmed in actual use.

In practical use, if the environment atmosphere is good, it is recommended to use the dust cover type or anti flux type relay, because the dust cover type or anti flux type relay can obtain longer electrical durability than the plastic seal type.