Classification of relays

- Jan 11, 2020-

Because the actual functions, installation, wiring, and symbols are different, relays are therefore divided into many types. Generally speaking, their types can be classified according to reflected signals, operating principles, operating time, DC and AC, etc. The classification is as follows:


1. According to the reflected signal, it can be divided into: current relay, voltage relay, speed relay, pressure relay, temperature relay;


2. According to the action principle, it can be divided into: electromagnetic relay, induction relay, electric relay, electronic relay;


3. According to the action time, it can be divided into: instantaneous relay, delay relay;


4. Electromagnetic relays can be divided into DC and AC, and their main structural composition and working principle are basically similar to contactors. At the same time, AC and DC can be divided into: current, voltage, middle, time and other relays. Types of.