Classification of solenoid valves using different water purifiers

- May 12, 2020-

The differences in the use of water purifier products are currently mainly as follows:

Inlet valve, flush valve, normally open valve, drain valve, etc.


Water inlet valve: It is mainly used to control water inlet and water cut off of the waterway.

The power-off valve is closed, which is the most widely used. (Belongs to normally closed valve)


Flushing valve: it is mainly used for the ratio of purified water and wastewater on the water purifier

Control and backwash RO membrane, also known as waste valve. (Belongs to normally closed valve)


Normally open valve: It is mainly used to control water cut-off and water inflow, and the energized valve is closed,

The power-off valve is opened, which is mainly used for waterways with special requirements.


Drain valve: mainly used for water outlet of water purifier, water dispenser, etc.

The main adopted structure is the straight-through valve structure. (Normally closed valve)