Contact load

- Dec 21, 2019-

Contact load

When determining whether the load that the relay can bear meets the use requirements, in addition to determining the size of the load, it is also necessary to determine the type of the actual load, because different loads have different steady-state values and impact values, as shown in the table below. Unless otherwise stated, the load given in the general instructions is resistive.


        Impulse current

Resistive load

1 time of steady state current

Motor load

5-10 times of steady-state


Capacitive load

20-40 times of steady-state


Transformer load

5-15 times of steady-state


Solenoid load

10-20 times of steady-state


Incandescent lamp load

10-15 times of steady-state


Mercury lamp load

About 3 times of steady

  state current

Sodium lamp load

1-3 times of steady state