Green transportation construction

- Dec 07, 2020-

Green transportation construction

Among the key points of the pilot tasks for the construction of a “transportation power”, “comprehensively promote the prevention and control of pollution from ships and ports” and “vigorously promote the use of clean energy for vehicles and equipment” have been designated as the primary tasks for the creation of “green transportation”. The transportation industry has a growing demand for "green" grid solutions.

It must be "Golden Mountain and Silver Mountain", but also "Blue Sea and Blue Sky". Ship-shore electrical integration is an effective way to solve port exhaust emissions and noise pollution. For the ship-shore electrical integration project, the company has designed a complete system solution. According to the needs of project construction, we can provide all power supply and distribution equipment and control management platform from shore to ship side, such as high and low voltage complete sets of equipment, variable frequency power equipment, control and management, so that shore-based power supply systems and equipment can achieve brand serialized supply , Which has the characteristics of high system integration, excellent matching between upper and lower levels, and low maintenance cost. While the shore-based power supply system has both functionality and technological advancement, it also meets the requirements of economy, providing a safe, reliable, economical and practical shore-based power system for ships calling at the port.

Green energy vehicles have also been a key focus and development project of the country in the past two years. At present, most of the cars are rechargeable, which can protect the environment. The country that purchases green energy has also given supportive policies to car dealers.