Meishuo-The characteristics and working principle of solid state relay

- May 13, 2018-


The different working principles and structural features of the relay make the relay multiple categories: the first is a solid-state relay, a relay that is an electronic component that performs its function without a mechanical component, and is isolated from the input and output; the second is a time relay, and the output part needs delay when adding or removing the input signal. The third is intermediate relay, used in relay protection and automatic control system to increase the number and capacity of the contact. (the structure and principle of the intermediate relay are basically the same as the AC contactor, and the main difference with the contact device is the main contactor's master. The contacts can pass through a large current, while the contacts of the intermediate relay can only pass through a small current. So, it can only be used in the control circuit); other relays also have monitoring relays, thermal relays, etc., of course, according to the shape of the relay, the relay can also be divided into miniature relays, miniature miniature relays, miniature miniature relays, and in accordance with the load, protection features, action principles, and protection circuits. The function also has different types of relay types. The following is the solid state relay.

The solid-state relay is a new contactless electronic switch device developed by the combination of modern microelectronic technology and power electronics technology. The rain solid state relay has the advantages of high stability, high reliability, no contact, long life and so on. It should be widely used in the fields of family, industry, electric power drag, printing and dyeing.

Solid state relay is composed of three parts: input circuit, drive circuit and output circuit. The solid relay is different from the usual electromagnetic relay: non contact, light (electric) isolation between input circuit and output circuit, assembled by discrete element, semiconductor microelectronic circuit chip and power electronic device, with flame retardant epoxy tree As the raw material, the grease is sealed by the sealing technology in the shell, and is isolated from the outside. It has good pressure resistance, anti-corrosion, moisture proof and anti vibration performance.