Other precautions when using the relay

- Dec 24, 2019-

Other precautions when using the relay

1. Safety Precautions

Please pay attention to the danger of electric shock if you touch the relay with your hands when it works normally.

Please note that when installing, maintaining and troubleshooting the relay (including terminal block, socket and other connecting parts), please cut off the power supply first.

Please note that when connecting terminals, please refer to the wiring diagram in the product manual before connecting them correctly. If the connection is wrong, it may cause unexpected misoperation, abnormal heating, fire and other conditions.

In case of poor contact adhesion, poor contact, broken wire, etc., which may endanger other properties or even life, please use double safety device.

2. Long Tube Packaging

When using the relay with long tube packing, please do not swing the packing tube to impact the relay, which may cause the relay to fail. If the stop plug is used in the package, press the stop plug beside the relay to avoid the relay from swinging in the package pipe, as shown in Figure below.

stop plug