Precautions for installation of solenoid valve

- Dec 08, 2019-

Precautions for installation of solenoid valve

1. During installation, the arrow on the valve body shall be consistent with the flow direction of medium. Do not put it in the place with direct water dripping or splashing. The solenoid valve shall be installed vertically upward;

2. The solenoid valve shall ensure normal operation within 15% - 10% of the rated voltage fluctuation range of the power supply voltage;

3. After the solenoid valve is installed, there shall be no reverse pressure difference in the pipeline. It needs to be electrified several times to make it warm before it can be put into use;

4. Clean the pipeline thoroughly before installing the solenoid valve. The introduced medium shall be free of impurities. Install filter in front of the valve;

5. In case of failure or cleaning of solenoid valve, bypass device shall be installed to ensure continuous operation of the system.