Precautions for use of meishuo relay

- May 17, 2018-

1, in order to prevent the surface contamination of the lead surface, it should not contact the lead directly, otherwise, the weldability will be reduced.

2. The position of the elicited end should be

In accordance with the hole position of the printed board, any improper coordination may cause the relay to produce dangerous stress, damage its performance and reliability. Please refer to the perforation chart in the sample.

3, after the relay is inserted into the circuit board, it must not bend the lead foot, so as not to affect the seal or other performance of the relay.

4, the overloading process can not exert excessive pressure on the relay housing, so as to prevent the shell from cracking or changing its operation characteristics.

5. The quick insertion and withdrawal pressure is 10 kg. Too big insertion force will cause relay damage, too little pressure will affect contact reliability and current carrying capacity.

6, it is particularly stressed that if the relay is accidentally dropped or hit, the electrical parameters may be changed, but the mechanical parameters may change greatly, and there is a serious hidden danger and should not be used as far as possible.

7, do not use silicone resin and preservative, will cause contact failure, even plastic relay.

8. Pay attention to the power supply and contact power supply according to the specified polarity wiring ring.

9, avoid the coil applied voltage exceeding the maximum allowable voltage or coil temperature rise over the enameled wire insulation level.

10, rated load and life are under the specified standard conditions, it is impossible to cover all kinds of automotive relay requirements.

The load and life of the actual application of the contact will be significantly different due to the type of load, the environment, the frequency of action, or all the other conditions. Please carry out the test test or contact the relay manufacturer and obtain technical support.