Precautions for use of relay

- Dec 20, 2019-

Precautions for use of relay

In order to use the relay correctly, while selecting the relay and understanding its characteristics, it is necessary to know some precautions in use to ensure the reliable operation of the relay.

The following are the basic precautions when using relays:

a) The use of the relay should comply with the range of the parameters listed in the product specification

b) Rated load and service life are reference values, which will vary greatly according to different environmental factors, load properties and types, so it is better to confirm them in actual or simulated actual use.

c) Rectangular wave control shall be used for DC relay as much as possible, and sine wave control shall be used for AC relay as much as possible.

d) In order to maintain the performance of the relay, please take care not to drop the relay or suffer strong impact. The dropped relay is not recommended to be used.

e) The relay shall be used in the environment of normal temperature and humidity, less dust and harmful gas. Harmful gases include sulfur, silicon and nitrogen oxides.

f) For the magnetic latching relay, it should be placed in the action or reset position as required before use.

g) For polarized relay, please pay attention to the polarity of its coil voltage (+, -).