Precautions must be taken during handling & processing

- Apr 22, 2020-

 Precautions must be taken during handling & processing

Handling during processing Relays are high precision components, sensitive to mechanical stress and abusive handling. Care must be taken when handling the relay during all stages of production.  Do not exert any pressure on the pins.

Manual handling

■ The relays have to be removed from the packaging in on orderly way

■ processing of relays in bulk is not permitted

■ When relays are manually handled and placed on PCB’s, special attention must be paid, not to drop relays onto the floor or other hard surfaces (e .g. assembly tables). Once dropped, there is a risk of high mechanical shock and potential damage of the relay; these relays should not be used anymore. In case of relays assembled to long wires or harnesses any mechanical shock due to whiplash effect has to be avoided.

■ Open packages, tubes or splice reels with care: after prolonged storage at higher temperature there is a risk of relays sticking to the stopper plugs of tubes and for reels the loose end of the tape shall not drop to the floor.

■ Special care must be taken, that the terminals of the relays are not bent. Straightening of bent terminals and pins is not allowed.

■ do not exert undue force (e .g. by hand tools) when inserting the relays onto a PCB or into a socket.


Automatic handling

■ The mechanical stress caused by handling and/or force of automatic feeders or robots has to be adjusted to avoid mechanical damage (e .g. cracking of the relay case, detaching cap from relay base).

■ The clamping force shall not exceed the values given for x, y, z direction, in order to provide for the proper internal function of the relay. The force shall be applied in the largest possible area. Picking in the dashed area would be preferred. Unless otherwise stated the clamping force should not exceed 5 N in any of x/y/z direction.

■ Do not excert undue force when inserting the relays onto a PCB or into a socket.