Precautions should be taken when mounting relay on PCB's

- Apr 23, 2020-

Precautions should be taken when mounting relay on PCB's


■The relays have to be removed from the packaging in an orderly way, processing of relays in bulk is not permitted. Dimensions and PCB layout indicated in the datasheet are indicated for the manual placement on the PCB's. For automated pick-and-place we refer to detailed component drawings.


■Unless otherwise stated the relay can be mounted in any position. The relays can be further processed in the industry standard commercial soldering and cleaning (for suitable products) plants.


■When inserting the relay into the PCB, do not exert any pressure or use undue force or torque on the pins as this may compromise the pin seal or affect the integrity of the coil connections .


■No pressure should be exerted on the relay cover and terminal pins after the relay has been inserted in the printed circuit board.


■After insertion in the printed circuit board, the terminal pins must not be bent or twisted for fixation or attachment. Bending or applying mechanical stress to the pins may affect the relay parameters. Bending the terminal pins of sealed relays (wash-tight, immersion proof, sealed) may damage the sealing. However, if fixing must be carried out before soldering, please contact our application support.