Relay storage environment

- Nov 03, 2017-

Avoid direct sunlight and maintain normal temperature · Normal humidity · Atmospheric pressure; Temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ Humidity: 5 ~ 85% RH Pressure: 86 ~ 106kPa

In high temperature, high humidity environment, the rapid changes in ambient temperature, the relay may be dew condensation inside. In particular, it is especially prone to dew when transported by sea on ships. Please pay attention to the transportation environment. Condensation is: high temperature, high humidity environment temperature from high temperature to low temperature or speed from low to high temperature and humidity environment, the condensation of water vapor into a drop phenomenon. Condensation will lead to decreased insulation, coil corrosion, wire breakage, corrosion and so on.

Low temperature freezing: condensation and high humidity environment, in the state of water attached to the relay, the temperature dropped below freezing freezing phenomenon of water. Icing may cause sticking of the moveable parts, delays in movement, or ice between the contacts, causing the contacts to malfunction.

Plastic may be brittle in low temperature and low humidity environment.

Long-term storage in high temperature, high humidity and organic gas, sulfide gas environment, the contact surface will generate sulfide film and oxide film, leading to instability in contact and contact failure. Please pay attention to the packaging form, minimize the influence of humidity, organic gas, sulfide gas and so on.

Relays should be stored and installed in a clean environment. Use dust caps or molded relays in the presence of dust contamination.

Should pay attention to monitoring the storage temperature, try to avoid the relay storage time is too long.

Storage, transport stress During transportation, if the relay is subjected to a large drop impact, may lead to dysfunction, please pay attention to the appearance of the packaging material is complete. Relays with long tube packaging, when the relay number is small, if the lack of limit, will fall and affect the appearance and characteristics of the relay, pay special attention.