Release voltage, Reset voltage, Coil resistance and Maximum allowable voltage

- Sep 20, 2019-

3.4 Release voltage: relay means is in the operating state, the voltage on the coil gradually reduced from the rated voltage, when the voltage of the normally closed contact is closed, generally indicated by "V". General description gives the minimum value, about 10% of rated voltage.

3.5 Reset voltage: refers to an operating state of the latching relay, the reset coil voltage increases, the voltage at the normally closed contact is closed, generally "V" FIG. Usually the maximum value given in the specification, about 80% of rated voltage.

3.6 Coil Resistance: generally refers to the DC resistance of the coil at a standard temperature, generally "Ω" FIG. General description is given of a combination of the nominal values and tolerances. Algorithm, 12Vdc rated voltage, coil resistance power 0.36W nominal value of 12 / 0.36 = 400Ω. Typically 10% of the tolerance given.

3.7 Maximum allowable voltage: means in a short time, the maximum voltage value is applied to the coil, generally indicated by "V".