Select car relay safety parameters

- Nov 03, 2017-

Relay safety requirements to consider the following parameters:

1, insulation materials used in insulation materials should have good temperature resistance, long-term operating temperature should reach 125 ℃.

2, the level of insulation voltage withstand voltage relay is divided into contacts between the pressure, insulation resistance; contact between the coil pressure, insulation resistance. Typical values for automotive relays are 500 VAC with 100 MΩ insulation resistance.

3, electromagnetic compatibility Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is the automotive relay electromagnetic environment in the work without interference or undisturbed ability. EMC has become an important criterion for product quality. Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) is divided into electromagnetic interference (EMI) and electromagnetic interference (EMS). Because automotive relays use a single power supply, high voltage builds up when the relay coil is disconnected, interfering with other systems and modules. Therefore, plug-in automotive relays typically have transient resistance in parallel with resistors or diodes, reducing the coil back EMF to less than 100V. When the relay contacts open the arc, emit electromagnetic waves, will affect the IC work. If this happens, add an arc circuit at the contacts. You can also increase the relay and IC distance.