Select relay according to working status

- Apr 13, 2020-

Select relay according to working status

The working state of the relay mainly refers to the action state of the input signal to the coil.

The design of the relay coil is corresponding to different input signal states, with long-term continuous action signals and short-term repetitive work (pulse) signals. Continuous operation means that the coil can continuously withstand the long-term role of the working signal.

The pulse frequency, on-off ratio, etc. must also be considered for the pulse signal.

Therefore, it is necessary to select relays suitable for different working states according to the characteristics of the signal. Generally, it is not allowed to use them casually. In particular, it should be noted that the short-term working state relays cannot be used in continuous working state, especially under high temperature working conditions.

When actually switching power loads or high-power loads, it is especially important to consider that the switching rate should not be too high. Generally, it should be less than 10 ~ 20 times / min. The maximum circulation rate is: 0.1 times / (maximum pull-in time + maximum release time) s.