Solenoid valve approvals

- Oct 31, 2020-

Solenoid valve approvals

Depending on the application, certain approvals for the valve may be needed. Having a valve with a certain approval ensures it meets the demands of the application. Common approvals are:

  • UL/UR: Underwriters Laboratories inspects and certifies products with respect to their safety

  • Drinking water: Ensures it is suitable for drinking water purpose. For more information, refer to our drinking water application page or view our online selection of water solenoid valves. Common drinking water approvals are:

    • Kiwa: Drinking water approval for the Dutch market.

    • NSF: Drinking water approval for North America.

    • WRAS: Compliance with Water Supply Regulations in UK or Scottish Byelaws for material safety and mechanical testing.

    • KTW: Approval for plastics and non-metallic materials for use with potable water in Germany.

    • ACS (Attestation De Conformite Sanitaire): Drinking water approval for France.

    • Watermark: Certification for plumbing and drainage products for sale in Australia and New Zealand.

    • FDA: US Food and Drug Administration

  • ATEX version: ATEX certification is provided for explosion protection. For more information, refer to ATEX Directives for valves and fittings.

  • CE certification: CE certification signifies conformity with high safety, health and environmental protection requirements for all products in the European Economic Area. For more information, refer to our CE certification page.

  • Gas version: Valves for gas applications have DVGW approval for use in gas burning appliances as automatic shut-off valve. For more information, refer to our Gas Approval Regulation page or view our online selection of gas solenoid valves.

  • IP rating: The IP rating of a valve explains its protection to dust and water. For more information, refer to our IP rating page.