The influence of the change of environment temperature on the performance of electromagnetic relay

- Apr 06, 2020-

The influence of the change of environment temperature on the performance of electromagnetic relay

  1. The increase of ambient temperature accelerates the aging of insulation, decreases the insulation performance and shortens the service life.

  2. For temperature relay and thermal relay, the change of environmental temperature directly affects the change of protection characteristics; for electromagnetic relay, the rise of temperature and the thermal deformation of some insulating materials will change the product structure parameters and action parameters.

  3. When the temperature rises, the coil temperature rises correspondingly, which not only aggravates the aging of the paint layer, but also directly affects the change of the pickup and release parameters for the voltage relay. Current relay, temperature rise, power consumption increase, but also affect the insulation and contact switching characteristics.

  4. Temperature rise accelerates the oxidation process of some parts. For contact, not only the material itself is oxidized, but also the formation of the resistance of the surface film, which directly affects the contact reliability, especially at low level.

  5. When the temperature increases, it is difficult to extinguish the arc, the switching ability decreases, and the contact corrosion increases. At rated load, it is easy to form contact bond, and at medium current, it is easy to precipitate carbide, which reduces contact reliability.

  6. At low temperature, the cold adhesion of coating materials, such as gold coating, will intensify, and cold adhesion fault will be formed under low current load or low level. For some unsealed or poorly sealed relays, ice may form between contacts at low temperature, which directly affects the conduction of contacts. For solder sealed relay, the embrittlement of tin will affect the air tightness of the product at low temperature.