The installation steps of the wall-mounted water purifier

- Sep 30, 2019-

Step 1: Turn off the tap water main switch, install the stainless steel tee and ball valve in the water intake position, and connect the PE pipe to the water inlet of the water purifier.

Step 2: Connect the flushing port with a PE tube of about 15 cm, connect the plastic flushing ball valve, and connect the PE tube of the appropriate length.

Step 3: Install the gooseneck faucet and connect to the water purifier outlet.

Step 4: Open the tap water main switch and the inlet ball valve and the flushing port plastic flushing ball valve for about 5 minutes until the flushing port has no black water and then close the plastic flushing ball valve.

Step 5: Open the gooseneck faucet and rinse for 15-30 minutes. Rinse the alcohol protection solution in the filter element (smoke until the water has no alcohol smell).