Do you know what is rated power coil, rated voltage and operating voltage?

- Sep 18, 2019-

Coil parameters

3.1 Rated power coil: refers rated voltage is applied to the coil, the coil power consumed, typically DC relay to "W" represents, expressed AC relay to "VA".

3.2 Rated voltage: relay means to work in order to make the required voltage is applied to the coil, generally "V" FIG. For polarized relay, to be noted that the directionality of the applied voltage.

3.3 Operating voltage: relay means in the released state (the magnetic latching relay is reset state), the voltage gradually increased to the coil, when the voltage of the normally open contacts, generally "V" FIG. Usually the maximum value given in the specification, of about 75 to 80% of rated voltage.

Pull-in voltage can be raised with the increase of ambient temperature, so that the customers for the case where a high temperature environment, the temperature rise to consider at an ambient temperature of the work and relay, the relay pull-in voltage may result in too high, when It may result in not fully closed magnetic circuit when the external power supply voltage is too low, have a negative impact on the life of the relay.