Company's Two-day Training On -----Failure Mode And Impact Analysis

- Jul 22, 2019-

Company's two-day training on "Failure Mode and Impact Analysis"

The leaders and employees of the company actively participated in it. The tutor explained theoretical knowledge and patiently guided us to do practical operations.We were divided into 8 groups, each group members were actively discussing, and then took turns to explain their own group's results.If after hard but positive learning.



We learned how to avoid risks and take precautions in advance to minimize our company's future losses.preparation, step 2: structural analysis., step 3: functional analysis, step 4: failure analysis, step 5: risk analysis, step 6: optimization, step 7: result documentation.We have also learned that when there is a problem on the client, we should take corresponding measures according to the previous functional analysis and failure analysis, but it is better to do this in advance, so as not to have problems on the client, which will cause great losses to our company, and also very bad for the company's reputation.