Damp Heat Poses A Threat To The Performance Of The Relay

- Nov 03, 2017-

1) Long-term heat and moisture will directly lead to the decline in the level of insulation resistance, resulting in complete failure. In particular, long-term storage or use of exposed insulation during the dust and other contaminated by dust and then damp heat, will result in insulation failure.

2) Unsealed relay In hot and humid conditions, the coil due to electrochemical corrosion or mildew and broken, electrochemical corrosion of the contacts, increased oxidation; corrosion rate of metal parts increased significantly, the relay performance deteriorates, resulting in poor reliability, resulting in Completely invalid.

3) Under hot and humid conditions, when the contacts are charged to switch the load, the phenomenon of arcing is aggravated, resulting in shortened electrical life. In tropical and subtropical use of electronic products, product design, material selection must take full account of the heat problem.