Everyone In The Office Got A Gift From Santa Claus

- Dec 24, 2019-

Everyone in the office got a gift from Santa Claus

   Once upon a time there was an old man named Nicholas who loved to help poor people all his life.On one occasion he helped three poor children and gave them three bags of gold to escape being sold.When Nicholas secretly gave one of the bags of gold to one of the women, he threw it through one of the Windows and it fell right into a stocking on the wall.So, the gift will be put in the Christmas socks gift method.

It is said that on the night of Christmas Eve, the husband guild drove the reindeer sleigh loaded with gifts ready to send some of this year's good children, he would quietly climb into the house from the chimney, the gift stuffed in the socks hanging in the bed.So the child always will be a strip of colorful socks hanging in the bed, and put a cup of hot milk beside the socks to Santa Claus thirst, and send a gift to themselves.The next day every child can't wait to open the ceremony, want to know what reward they get. 

     Everyone in the office got a gift from Santa Claus.Where it is from?The gift is pretty specail and beautiful.Thanks you so much about it ,and every is so happy.I hope you can got the gift from the "Santa Claus"