In The Midsummer Of July, Let’s Go To The Movies Together.

- Jul 02, 2018-

As in previous years, in mid-July, the annual company viewing event was ushered in. In  order to thank all the staff for their hard work and unremitting  efforts, as well as the company's companionship and support, on July  1st, the company held a private viewing event at the White Elephant  Oscar Theater. More than 400 employees and their families participated in the event for free. Although the summer is hot, everyone is still interested. The  employees said that the filming activities not only enhanced the  feelings among colleagues, but also allowed them to invest in the next  work with a more positive attitude.
This  theater has arranged three films, taking into account all ages, with  children's favorite animated cartoons "Superman Story 2", the latest  release of "Golden Shelling 2", and the popular "Jurassic World 2" .

We have always  been committed to working hard together into the lives of our employees,  enriching our leisure and entertainment during holidays, releasing work  pressure and fostering a family atmosphere. This  viewing also made us feel the active participation of all staff members  in this viewing event and saw a warm atmosphere of the group of family  members. We will refer to employees' opinions and  needs in the post-planning process so that the post-welfare welfare  activities will be more complete and human-oriented, with full  participation as the goal!