Meishuo Mini Power Relay Factory So Happy Mother's Day

- May 12, 2018-

Remember when I told you to put on more clothes and pay more attention to your body, for fear that you were hungry and frozen?

Perhaps many people have long been used to give a bunch of flowers to their beloved girlfriends and wives on festivals or birthdays, saying that I love you, but I am ashamed to express my feelings for my mother.

Although mothers have been wives and mothers for many years, the hearts of girls who like romance and novelty are not diminished. The smile on the face when you receive the gift, the shyness on the face when you receive the compliment... We can do too much for my mother, and there's no chance to do it for her and tell her for a variety of reasons.

Mother's Day is coming, Mei Shuo-Mini Power Relay factory carefully prepared 500 carnations sent to the mothers, taking advantage of the opportunity to speak out of those who do not speak out of love.

A carnation will be obtained on May 12th by all the staff who are concerned with the transmission of this article by the WeChat public. At the same time, a colleague who needs two to be given to her mother will be forwarded with a small interest in life with your mother. (a maximum of 2 per person)