MEISHUO 's Employees Make Their Own Chocolates For Lover And Family.

- Aug 06, 2019-

MEISHUO 's  employees make their own chocolates for lover and family.

    Tomorrow is Chinese valentine's day, in our country, the lunar seventh day night, the weather is warm, vegetation fragrance, this is what people commonly known as the Chinese valentine's day, also some people call it "the needlework day" or "sections", this is China's traditional festivals the most romantic colour of a festival, is a traditional vega in the days of galactic magpie bridge meet annual is on the 7th day of the girls in the past.This time-honored qixi festival is one of the treasures of Chinese culture only.

     Niulang and zhinu met on earth and they liked each other.After cowherd and weaver girl got married, the men ploughed and the women weaved. They had two children, a man and a woman. The whole family lived happily.However, the good times did not last long, so the emperor of heaven soon knew that the queen mother came down to earth herself and forcibly took the girl weaver back to heaven. The loving couple were separated.Their love touched the magpie, magpie built a meeting bridge for them

    Later, every lunar July 7th day, according to legend, vega magpie bridge meeting day, the girls will come to easiness, looked up at the starry sky, looking for the Altair and vega on both sides of the galaxy, hoping to see their annual meeting, pray god can let oneself like vega, ingenuity, and pray that you had satisfied the ideal marriage, thus formed the Chinese valentine's day.

     Our friends are busy making their own chocolates, which they give to their loved ones, friends, family and colleagues.This is their finished product, very beautiful and delicate.