- May 07, 2018-

In the afternoon of May 5, 2018, our department of human resources organized a training of "promoting leadership - group efforts". The training was different from the previous form. First, the trainees returned to the company to share, and the second was to participate in the team through the form of interaction and brainstorming. In order to make the technology better used, the training was chaired by Ye Canyang, the manager of human resources department, and the role of the promoter. Another promoter was held by Wu Yanping, the foreign trade manager. The two teams participating in the training and interaction were the supply chain team and research and development technology led by Liu Feng deputy general manager. R & D team led by Fang Xu and Lin Luohao.图片1.png


Before the start of the training, the manager introduced the purpose and significance of this training through the Drucker sentence and the story of "foolish public shifting mountains" by "asking questions and triggering arguments."

In the course of the training, the manager and the manager of Wu interacted with the two teams by playing different roles and promoting roles, and guided the teams through six tools.

First, set up teams that conform to the SMART principle; two, depict team vision; three, analyze the project in groups; four, team members make both challenging and interesting commitments to the project; five, group as a unit, brainstorming to write the key measures needed to achieve the goal; six, team setting line Move the plan.


auto relay R & D team represents Zhu Jun's team goals


auto relay supply chain team represents Ruan Wenjie's team goals

This link needs a big brain movement, two teams through thinking, analysis of the advantages, disadvantages, opportunities, threats and other four latitudes of their respective projects, at least ten latitudes at each latitude, and then select three key points from each latitudes through the team discussion, and determine the strategy that needs to be implemented next.

If the members of the two teams did not finish the team goals, they made a collective commitment to let us wait and see, singing and dancing in the company's courtyard, and more importantly, uniform clothing.


The brainstorming link, the key measures to be selected for the goal, the collective team's strength to gather core initiatives, basic initiatives, traction measures, and support initiatives.