- May 08, 2018-

1. Macro environmental analysis:

In recent years, the international economic situation is relatively low, but it has gone out of the trough and has entered the recovery stage. China has carried out a series of industrial upgrading and adjustment.

As a whole, the macro-economy has entered the medium and high speed growth stage from the high speed growth. In the international market, the rapid development of global smart grid construction and information technology

The rapid development of technology and the popularization and application of new energy vehicles will promote the continuous innovation of relays. On the domestic market, with our country ten

The implementation of the policy of revitalizing the big industry and the vigorous promotion of urbanization and informationization in the country are related to the high-speed railway and information industry related to relays.

Electric energy, new energy vehicles, equipment manufacturing, household appliances and other industries are undertaking technological innovation, which is the development of high-end and new relay.

In addition, the State Council encourages and guides private enterprises to develop strategic emerging industries and bring them to the relay industry.

A rare opportunity for development.

2. Industry development analysis:

Relay is an automatic control when the input quantity (electricity, magnetism, sound, light, heat) reaches a certain value and the output will jump.

The main functions of the device include automatic regulation, safety protection, conversion circuit and so on. According to product application area and working principle, relay.

The products are mainly divided into power relays (commonly known as "universal relays"), automotive relays, magnetic latching relays, communication relays,

Solar energy relay and so on. In the national economy, relays are widely used in household appliances, automobiles, communications, industrial control, military equipment and so on.

The electronic control system is one of the essential components of the whole circuit control system, and has developed into a supporting industry for China's electronic information products.

One of。

3. Periodic fluctuation analysis:

The development of relay industry is related to the macroeconomic development at home and abroad, the policies of electronic components and electric power, and the consumption concept of residents.

There is a big relationship. However, as the basic components of industry, relay products are characterized by rigid demand and weak cyclical characteristics.

In terms of its nature, the downstream customers of the industry cover manufacturing enterprises such as household appliances, smart meters, new energy automobiles, and so on, and the products are widely used.

Overall, the demand for relay in downstream areas is less affected by seasonal variations, so the relay industry has no obvious seasonal characteristics.

On the regional aspect, domestic relay producers mainly concentrate on the economically developed and well-developed eastern coastal and central regions.

However, with the acceleration of industrial transfer, some companies migrate to the central and western regions.

4. The known trend analysis:

Relay is an indispensable electrical component in national production and life, with huge market share, along with high-speed railway, information industry and electricity.

The rapid development of power, new energy vehicles and equipment manufacturing industry has laid the market foundation for relay development.

The improvement of the automation level in the production process laid the technical foundation for the stability of the relay quality and the increase of the output.