Need Not Hand In Tuition Fee To Still Have Award To Take - MEISHUO Electric Cloud University!

- May 25, 2019-

Need not hand in tuition fee to still have award to take - MEISHUO electric cloud university!

In order to broaden the learning platform, provide more learning courses and set up a good training system for the employees, Meishuo electric established the enterprise cloud university in May 2019.Meishuo electric management staff can download the "volume see cloud university" APP in the mobile phone dealer city for online learning.In order to better promote and encourage everyone to learn independently, the company has prepared a big welfare for everyone!


first prize for a KINDLE reader.

The second prize is 300 RMB for a book card.

The Thrid prize is 200RMB for a book card.

Prize for participation: 4-7 participants 50 RMB for a book card.