Optimistic About The Auto Parts Industry, China's Auto Demand Is Huge

- Apr 08, 2020-

Optimistic about the auto parts industry, China's auto demand is huge

Shaqian is very optimistic about auto parts in the direction of the industry. He listed a piece of data for everyone on the spot: The sales of cars in the Chinese market this year are already the sum of the United States and Japan. "Our researchers estimated that according to this sales growth rate, China will become the world's largest car ownership country in five years." "In the future, domestic sales will be huge, and car ownership and user base will also become the world's largest. These two The general background is destined to China's auto industry, especially the auto manufacturing industry will rely on this vast market and step out of a group of strong ones. 


Compared with the auto industry, we are actually more optimistic about auto parts and believe that China will have a The batch of auto parts companies has become a giant in the global parts industry. China is a big manufacturing country, and the competitiveness and growth momentum of China's economy are inseparable from the competitiveness of the manufacturing industry. Whether auto parts are following smartphones What about a tuyere?

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We can basically see from the data on the current sales of cars sold in the market and the population of China. Basically, every household in China has one car, more than two in most households. The future economic benefits of China's auto industry and its auto parts industry are very objective, because cars are now one of the indispensable tools for transportation. When I go to work, when I pick up my children after school, and when I go out with my family, I usually drive out more by myself, which is also one of my first choices for short trips.