Our Goods Are Sent To Domestic Clients And Foreign Clients.

- Dec 14, 2019-

Our goods are sent to domestic clients and foreign clients.

    For the goods we need to deliver to the customer the next day, we will make the delivery list and send it to our warehouse the day before, so that they can arrange and prepare the goods in advance, and put the goods of each customer together, so that the logistics can pick up the goods.

Once we will sent the goods to customers,our business people will tell to cilents in advance by email or  smart phone,and send to shippment pictures to clients for checking  as well as give tracking number to client.So client can know that  his's goods progress.

Our goods of MPI is 500pcs for cartons.It is one of our general relay ,our company produce the PCB relay,automotive relay,harness ,.socket and valve.We can customized products for you according to your demand.