Policy Support To Help The Development Of Manufacturing

- Oct 25, 2019-

Policy support to help the development of manufacturing

Since 2017, Yueqing City has been listed in the province's 18 pilot cities (municipalities and districts) for revitalizing the real economy. With the goal of building a world-class advanced electrical industry cluster and the province's digital economy development zone, we will focus on the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries. Grasp the new kinetic energy to cultivate and grow, and fully promote the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

Last year, Yueqing City implemented a total of 267 million RMB to support the revitalization of the real economy (renovation of traditional industries), including 100 million RMB of provincial incentive funds and 167 million RMB of local support, an increase of 41%. Among the province's 100 million yuan of funds, it supported the traditional industry of 4,776,200 RMB, the information economy of 31,432,800 RMB, and the high-end equipment of 20.815 million RMB.


Recently, the reporter came to the production workshop of Zhejiang Meishuo Electric Technology Co., Ltd., 4 automatic assembly lines and nearly 100 automatic machines are running continuously. The rows of semi-finished components are continuously transported from the assembly line. Under the control of the fully automated robot, the processes of dispensing, riveting and assembling are completed in one go.


The reporter learned that at present, MEISHUO has built 18 leading automatic high-speed assembly production lines. The automation rate of the production has reached more than 95%, and the number of first-line operators has decreased by more than 85%. The investment in technological transformation cannot be separated from the support of the government.

In the past three years, MEISHUO has received a total of more than 6 million RMB from the municipal financial technology reform special fund. The municipal government has introduced 8 new policies for technological transformation, and increased support for enterprise technological transformation investment from various aspects, which not only eased the pressure on corporate funds, but also became a strong backing for enterprise development.


Assistant General Manager of MEISHUO, Liu Feng:

The government has some subsidies for funds, as well as the housing environment for talents, 

and the solution to their children’s enrollment problems. 

I think they provide a good demonstration.