Temperature Effect Relay

- Nov 03, 2017-

1) under high temperature conditions, the insulation material softens and melts; under low temperature conditions, the material cracks and the insulation resistance performance declines, resulting in failure. However, select the excellent performance of engineering plastics, can meet the requirements.

2) Under the alternation of high and low temperature, the structure is loosened and the position of movable parts changes, which leads to pull-in and release uncontrolled, poor contact or no contact.

3) Low temperature, the water vapor condensation inside the relay, icing, resulting in decreased insulation properties.

4) under high temperature conditions, the coil resistance increases, the suction voltage increases accordingly, resulting in non-suction or suction-like non-suction, resulting in failure of the relay.

5) under high temperature conditions, the contact switching power load, the ability to reduce arc failure, contact corrosion, increased metal transfer, increase the probability of failure, shortened life expectancy.