Why Medical Examination? Who Needs A Medical Examination? What Is The Medical Examination?

- Apr 23, 2020-

Why medical examination? Who needs a medical examination? What is the medical examination? 

After reading this, you can understand everything!

scene one:

Q: Why is the medical examination?

Answer: Arranged by the company.

Q: Do you know what to check?

Answer: I do n’t know.

Q: What should I pay attention to before the medical examination?

Answer: I do n’t know.

Do you feel funny after reading it? I am talking about you. The consciousness of the vast majority of us is so low, let us look down!

scene two:

Q: I do n’t feel uncomfortable, why do I need a medical examination?

Answer: If you feel uncomfortable and then go to the examination, you may have missed the best time for treatment.

Q: Is the medical checkup the more expensive the better?

A: The more expensive it is, the better. The best for you.

Q: I had a medical examination last year, so I do n’t need to do another medical examination this year!

Answer: People's physical condition will be constantly changing. Even if the previous physical examination result is normal, it does not mean that the future physical examination will be no problem, so regular physical examination is very necessary.


Once you had a medical examination ,it is good for us.

With the acceleration of time, age, life, work rhythm and the increase of psychological pressure, the onset of many diseases shows a younger trend. For many diseases, early detection and timely treatment are the key to determining prognosis. For example, the five-year survival rate of early-stage esophageal cancer is 90% to 95%, early lung cancer and early liver cancer are both 70%, and early detection of cervical cancer survival rate can also reach 90%.

Early detection of sub-health status and potential diseases through physical examination and early adjustment and treatment are of great significance for improving efficacy, shortening treatment time, reducing medical expenses, and improving quality of life. Spend some money to invest in health checkups. Early detection, early prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment are naturally the most economical ways.


What are the benefits of regular physical examination

Speaking of which, I have to come up with this classic dialogue again: "Health is 1, wealth, rights, beauty, etc. are 0. If there is no health, everything is empty talk." And the physical examination is a weapon to protect 

1.Foster good health awareness

2.Identify potential diseases in time

3.Spend little money and save big money