High Temperature Solenoid Valve

FPD360F 24V is a high temperature solenoid valve, normally closed type, appliance in water heater series, like solar water heater, water machine, etc.
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High temperature solenoid  valve appliance
 Suitable for: water purifiers, water  machine, soft water machine, coffee machine, electric tea sets, etc.


High temperature solenoid  valve packing
 20pcs/tray, 100pcs/cartons, carton size:34*26*30cm
 High-strength cartons, good for  long-distance export transport


A: Dose meishuo can do customized development?
Q: of course.

A: who is meishuo?
Q: relay and water valve factory.

A: what’s meishuo water valves use for?
Q: used in home appliances


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