Solenoid Shut Off Valve

FPD180J 12VDC is a solenoid shut off valve, the coil is 12V, normally close, appliance in the flow control valve, suitable for intelligent sanitary ware series like intelligent closestool, intelligent sanitary ware.
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Product Details

 Solenoid shut off valve function parameters




Solenoid shut off valve Dimensions


Solenoid shut off valve appliance
 Suitable for: Water purifiers, water  machine, soft water machine, coffee machine, electric tea sets, etc.


 Solenoid shut off valve packing
 20pcs/tray, 100pcs/cartons, carton size:34*26*30cm
 High-strength cartons, good for  long-distance export transport.


1-Great R & D team, have standard development process and provide customized services.

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2-We  have standardized quality control system, each automotive relay have to passed  4 times 100% testing + twice snap check. No complaints from customers in 3 years.

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3-Informationization company with OA system, ERP system, PLM system……good for management, control quality…

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Q:are you the manufacutre?

A:yes,we are RELAY manufacture

Q:what's your plan in the coming five years

A:we will set new factory

Q:what's your main products

A:our main products are RELAY and water valve.

Q:what's your factory address?

A:Chongshi industrial zone, north baixiang town, yueqing, China

Q:when was the factory establised?

A:factory was establised in 3007

Q:how many workes in your factory?

A:around 560

Q:what's the building square of your factory?

A:1300000 square meters

Q:.what'the annual selling amount

A:65 million

Q:how much persent does the export take in?


Q:do you selling to the retail store


Q:15do you selling to the end user


Q:do you selling to the wohleseller


Q: do you have agent?in which country


Q:  does your company have liability insurance):


Q:  is the RELAY tie designed by yoru own company


Q: 21 can design products according to the customer requirement


Q:  do you have your own brand?what's that


Q: do you have the mould to produce the product?

A: yes

Q: is the mould produced by yoru own factory


Q:what material used in your main product

A:RELAY tie made of nylon 66

Q: do you have iso90001 certificate


Q: do you have is140001 certifcate


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