High Quality Quick Connect 3/8''12 V Solenoid Valve

High quality Quick connect 3/8" 12 v solenoid valve
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MEISHUO FPD360W High quality Quick connect 3/8" 12 v water valve food grade solenoid valve

 Rated Volatage: 12vdc

Pressure range:0.02~0.8MPa

Spacing:25*25mm or 41mm

Flow Rate:>5L/ min

This mode we have AC 110,220v 50/60Hz


You can see this picture ,water from Red arrow inlet ,the size of inlet and outlet  is 3/8 '' qucik connect.


If you have need auxilary installation accessories,we can provide for you .And if you just have need auxilary installation accessories,we also can sell to you.

you can see the picture ,we have different size can meet different clinet's needs.


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